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Mr. George Gibbs
Phone: (703)432-3676


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Mr. Kevin Champaigne
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Fax: (281)298-1717

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Ms. Mary Pate
Phone: (281)292-9903
Fax: (281)298-1717

Invocon, Inc.
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Navy SBIR 

Start / End Date

11/21/2003 - 05/21/2004 

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EPIC (Electromagnetic Personnel Interdiction Control) 


The Marine Corps has a requirement for a non-destructive stun weapon that would render a hostile war fighter ineffective for a period of time. There is significant political and military interest in such a capability. In addition, the ability to remotely incapacitate a human being without permanent damage would be a landmark event in the field of civil law enforcement. The desirability of waging bloodless war to counter threats to national security is virtually limitless since both military and civil authority could determine a priori when and if loss of human life is necessary. IVC proposes to investigate the use of beamed RF energy to excite and interrupt the normal process of human hearing and equilibrium. The focus will be in two areas. (1) Interruption of the mechanical transduction process by which sound and position (relative to gravity) are converted to messages that are processed by the brain. (2) Interruption of the chemical engine which sustains the proper operation of the nerve cells that respond to the mechanical transduction mechanisms referenced in item (1). Interruption of either or both of these processes has been clinically shown to produce complete disorientation and confusion. Second order effects would be extreme motion sickness. 


This RFP asks for a weapon that can “temporarily incapacitate” a human threat as a point or area target. In short, a Star Trek hand-held Phaser Weapon set on “Stun”. It would be the ultimate in individual weaponry providing an individual war fighter with the ability to reduce an opponent to helplessness while doing no permanent damage. The requirement also states the need for the weapon to operate through walls and other protective mediums that now provide cover for combatants in urban warfare situations. This capability would increase the effectiveness of a war-fighter in urban combat for two reasons: (1) the enemy could be engaged and neutralized through a wall; and (2) the damage of friendly fire mistakes would be minimized since on permanent damage would be done by the stun weapons. The civilian applications of such a weapon would be a landmark event in law enforcement. The civil authority could always protect themselves from lethal threats while still delivering targets to the justice system unharmed. Further, the critical decision now placed on law enforcement as to whether or not lethal responses are necessary could be virtually eliminated since use of the “stun” weapon could neutralize a perceived threat without permanent damage. 




EM fields, cell chemistry, Inner Ear, Radiation, Modulation, Radio Frequency